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"Project in development"


"SEXY COPS GO NUTS" is a concept of fiction series for television which can be treated on a basis of 26 episodes of 26' each, although the length of each episode can also be adapted of course to the producer's wish.
The action occurs nowadays in the police station of a large city and often out of this one in various districts, even in the outskirts when the action requires it.
The police station is rather old-fashion and without much comfort; the general atmosphere is rather friendly between colleagues.
And there, we will discover our 2 main heroines, our 2 "sexy cops" - the superintendent Helen WOODS and the trainee police inspector Katy BLUMBERG- ; both of them are " police specimen ", beyond the standard, nuts and specially ineffective ; they will have to face comical and improper police situations : an incredible hostage-taking, pathetic pressing charges, a guru with no frame of mind, a confirmed poker player, a surrealistic questioning, etc, etc, the whole spangled with an absurd and delirious humor gone off one's rocker that could be associated to some movies or comical series such as "Monty Python" or "Absolutely Fabulous" for instance, or that could recall some cartoons such as Tex Avery for its similar crazy and wild atmosphere.
The superintendent Helen WOODS is around 35/40 years old, basically dressed. She is a real slum belt girl often speaking a suburban language; she really invests herself in all her investigations, even when she knows to be wrong; she is specially sensitive to fear, or to the word of mouth and she is devoted to clarify any investigation; she believes she is more of a psychologist than a sharpshooter and it is better this way… although the psychologist corps is not really happy to have her among its unit...
She is of little culture and her inferences are extremely quick and based on nothing at all. She is married although separated with the responsibility of an 18 year old kid, who isn't just any kid as he answers to the sweet name of "Silly Billy" ; besides, she lags behind her quite a confused past…
As far as the police inspector trainee Katy BLUMBERG is concerned, she is a young woman of approximately 30 years old, rather looking a nice sort, smart and always dressed up to the nines.
She is single without children, although her lovers are numerous and even sometimes females…
She seems well educated, paused and willing to make concessions as she develops a passion for her job; she speaks a refined way, except in some circumstances... She is present to listen and to learn, although we will discover her concurred faces in some cases, and can also be paradoxically very naive.
The other characters of this series are often colourful and briefly described in the summaries of the episodes.

We intentionally wanted "SEXY COPS GO NUTS" to be a funny and crazy detective project ; the situations are not always believable, even if some of them were directly inspired out of real life, and adapted to the circumstances of the series.
Dialogs of the deaf, situations of " nuts ", detective atmosphere with all it includes of sudden news, drama or comicalness, but also an acerbic satirical tract, this is what comes out of this huge frenzy story, orchestrated by our two protagonists and their associates.
Finally, and if we wanted to recapture the famous sentence mentioned sometimes in the film credits, we could say that "all resemblance to existing persons or persons who have existed, or all resemblance to real facts would be purely accidental "- indeed, although according to another stock expression, we could state that "all dispute can ever be resolved in court, but should occur in a psychiatric hospital", this is how much our characters evolve in their crazy world.

Helen WOODS & Katy BLUMBERG, "SEXY COPS..."??... Not so certain … but in all cases they are "married" for the circumstance, for better or especially for … worse.
Helen WOODS & Katy BLUMBERG, "SEXY COPS... " ??... Probably… "...GO NUTS..."... certainly.

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